Simply Beautiful Aerial Photographs of Sunny Melbourne

Hey guys! How’s your summer going so far? I hope it’s great for all of you. Anyway, I noticed that you guys really love aerial photography. My latest post about terrifying aerial photographs of coal mining pits has received not that bad amount of traffic. Then I thought why shouldn’t I feature more great series of aerial photographs.

Today I have a series of shots made by Australia-based photographer Tom Blachford. The series consists of aerial photographs portraying the simple beauty of summer in Melbourne from above.  However, don’t expect to see something extraordinary or shocking, as it was in the previous series of photographs.

I’ve included the conjunction of words “simply beautiful” in the headline not without a reason. This series distinguishes itself not with a shocking sceneries, but the minimalist style, beautiful composition and of course heart-warming colours. What I mean is that Tom Blachford doesn’t focus on the city and its most beautiful sceneries, what Melbourne is abundant of. Instead of, he captures yachts or surfers in the sea, people lying on the beach, the details you are able to find everywhere.  However, not everyone is able to capture them in such a beautiful way as Tom Blachford does.







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