Astounding iPhone Photography by Julian Calverley

Do you remember Kevin Russ? That Portland-based photographer who is very well known for probably the best iPhone shots in the world? If not, I heartily recommend you to check out the story and a great photo collection of this photographer (HERE).

So, today I’ve discovered another photographer, who masterfully uses iPhone to capture a professional-like shots. It’s Julian Calverely. Maybe he hasn’t have such a youthful crazy story, justifying his intention to use iPhone instead of professional photography equipment, as Kevin Russ does, however Julian’s photos have something that distinguishes them from others, including Kevin Russ, shots.

I think I’ve found the answer. Guess where. Actually, it was hidden nowhere else than in the biography of Julian Calverley. It turned out that Julian have been practicing drawing and painting in his childhood. Now everything is clear. Julian Calverley’s iPhone photos look like a mix of photography and painting and this is why his photos are so charming.

However, please don’t think that below you’ll find  a raw shots uploaded straight out the iPhone gallery. After taking a picture, photographer passes it through an app called Snapseed where he puts some effects on it. However it’s still pretty amazing what masterpieces Julian Calverley is able to create just with a single smartphone.

iphone shots 20

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