How Artists Illuminated Restaurant Facade Without Light Source

Ok, If you’ve already seen this before, sorry. However, I’m not, and this is definitely my foundation of the week. Yesterday “Coming Soon”, a Berlin-based creative agency convinced us that all you need is just a simple idea. Today we have the same “scenario”. Recently established team of the artists, titled “fos” created a very simple and, at the same time, extremely eye-grabbing art installation in one of the Madrid streets just using a little bit of imagination and creativity. By using simple yellow tape and painted decor items, Susana Piquer, Julio Calvo and Eleni Karpatsi (members of the “fos”), designed a facade of the restaurant in a way to create an illusion of illumination and visualise a real light path. “A visual game between perspective and colored volumes that gained the looks”, adds artists.

Susana Piquer, Julio Calvo and Eleni Karpatsi are, as they describe themselves, independent architects, interior designers, art directors and visual merchandisers decided to join a multidisciplinary team in order to create design experiences and, above all, have fun. Actually, this is the first their  project and, without any doubts, very successful. Can’t wait to see further works of this team!

fos light illusion 1

fos light illusion 2 fos light illusion 3 fos light illusion 4 fos light illusion 5 fos light illusion 6 fos light illusion 7 fos light illusion 8 fos light illusion 9 fos light illusion 10 fos light illusion 11