Artist Photoshops Photos of Homeless Dogs to Find Them Homes

Sarolta Bán is a digital artist based in Hungary who works mainly in a photo manipulations field. Within a couple of years, Sarolta’s surreal fantasies have attracted a huge worldwide attention and raised more than 100,000 fans in her Facebook page.

Recently, a Hungary-based artist initiated a project “Help Dogs with Images” where she fantastically photoshops photos of homeless dogs in order to change the perception of abandoned shelter animals and to help find them homes.

On her Facebook page, Sarolta Ban asked her 100,000 fans to share photographs of homeless dogs, cats or other animal. Afterwards, on the basis of collected photographs, she made a series of photo manipulations that reveals animal’s strong desire to have homes and loving companions. As a gift, the future owner of the animal portrayed in a photo manipulation will get a free print of the picture. What a wonderful social campaign!

Sarolta Bán explains on the project’s page, “Sadly, abandoned dogs have really few chances to appear on a photo that will help them get out of the shelter – a photo that stands out from the crowd and ‘speaks’ to a person. I would really like to help sheltered animals…a good picture is worth a thousand words.”

Photos of Homeless Dogs1

Photos of Homeless Dogs2

Photos of Homeless Dogs3

Photos of Homeless Dogs4

Photos of Homeless Dogs5

Photos of Homeless Dogs6

Photos of Homeless Dogs7

Photos of Homeless Dogs8

Don’t forget to visit Sarolta’s website for more great photo manipulations!