Artist Makes Interactive GIFs to Present His Wooden Replicas of Everyday Objects

Lolo Y Sosaku is a Spain-based artist and the author of these interactive GIFs that I’m going to present you today. What I liked the most about this series was a presentation format. I liked the interactive GIFs, as a way to present artist’s wooden replicas of everyday objects. Actually, I don’t know what captured my attention the most: the GIFs or the wooden replicas themselves.

Due to the fact that the detail of these replicas isn’t at highest possible level, I believe the level of detail wasn’t the main criteria making this series. I think we might look at this series as a contemporary combination of digital art and sculpting. Without interactive GIFs these replicas would be nothing, however the combination of imperfect wooden replicas and interactive GIFs create an amazing effect that really grabs attention.


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