Artist Creates Stunning Animal Sculptures Using Only Recycled Materials

Dean Patman is a UK-based artist who creates, in our opinion, probably the most beautiful animal sculptures using only recycled materials and scrap metal. As artist explains, an artistic inspiration for his sculptures comes from a passion for nature and animals. The majority of his childhood Dean spent modelling and drawing various creatures founded in the garden. “At school my teachers soon learnt that the best way to motivate me was to make it about animals”, adds Dean Patman. In 1998, Dean Patman graduated from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and started experimenting with sculptures made of recycled materials. Since when, animal sculptures became his core artistic activity.

Below you’ll find a stunning collection of all Dean Patman’s animal sculptures. Also, if you’re UK based, don’t forget to check his website for exhibitions schedule!


cassowary crab digger wasp flower Beetle - Copy Gander grasshopper Hornbill P1100104 P1100199 road runner song-bird spoonbill-stork Stork Violin Mantis (2)