Artist Creates Pixelated Portraits Out of Computer Keys

“The hand made days are gone. Our food, our clothes, our furniture, our homes, our lives are manufactured. Life is factory made.” WBK is factory made art for a manufactured world. With a quite reflection on an analogue past.” This is how an australian artist Guy Withby, aka WorkbyKnight (WBK), describes his works. The australian makes portraits of various famous people from whole round the world. Now as you see in his works, Guy creates these portraits from nothing more than computer keys and buttons.

Every button, as soon as put in portrait, becomes a pixel of it. It already looks hard to make pixelated portraits from computer buttons, but the artist makes it even harder for himself. His works are created from mix of nowadays computers and devices used in past buttons to represent the by-gone analog times. Guy uses calculator  buttons, phone keyboard keys and some old type sets, type writer keys, analogue numbers. You can find many well known political figures, actors and other celebrities in his works. The ability to recognize the people from portraits easily only shows us how acurrate his masterpieces are.

Well that looks like a bunch of old trash, but every pixel, every single button takes a part in the role and creates the amazing unique masterpieces.