Artist Creates Cloud Imitations in Empty Rooms

Clouds. Such a romantic and imagination-stimulating natural phenomena. I have no doubts that all of you have tried spotting shapes in clouds to pass a lazy afternoon although once in a lifetime. Don’t you? Let’s imagine what if clouds would appear indoor. It would be great, however, under normal conditions, it’s impossible. Notwithstanding, one artist made this possible.

Amsterdam-based artist Berndnaut Smilde created a series of photographs, titled “Nimbus”, where he uses fog machine to produce and capture ethereal clouds in empty rooms. Nimbuses are visible only for a few seconds, therefore their existence remain only through photography. Berndnaut have been creating cloud imitations in various locations, from abandoned factories to gothic cathedrals. It seems like cloud imitations in every location creates completely different associations. Nimbus in Rococo room creates allusion of luxury, however the same object in abandoned factory seems like something ethereal and creepy. 

This is another great combination of physics and high-speed photography, what is currently very popular among the contemporary artists. Check out photos below and say what you think!