Artist Creates Animal Sculptures Using Materials Found at The Beach

Gilles Cenazandotti is a Corsica based artist who lives and works between Paris and Morsiglia. His work often attempts to show a complex, enigmatic nature, a technological paroxysm where man tries to imitate nature through artificial recreation. One of the last his works is a series of animal sculptures made of trash found at the beatch. Artist states that all his chosen animals are part of the endangered species. By covering these animals with a new “skin”, artist try to draw attention to the growing threat of excessive consumption and imagine a derivative animal kingdom as the aftermath of it.

Artist explains, “The diversity of forms and the jarring colours create a bestiary of robotic waste animals fighting the natural elements. But the sculptures reveal not only the dynamics of survival; they also show how animals may have changed territory and might be looking to find more resources to enhance their own species. As the species see their living space diminish, attached to nothing natural and stranded in unknown, unrecognizable places, they seem to embrace mutation.”


Gilles-Cenazandotti-animal-sculptures-trash-2 Gilles-Cenazandotti-animal-sculptures-trash-3 Gilles-Cenazandotti-animal-sculptures-trash-4 Gilles-Cenazandotti-animal-sculptures-trash-5 Gilles-Cenazandotti-animal-sculptures-trash-6 Gilles-Cenazandotti-animal-sculptures-trash-7 Gilles-Cenazandotti-animal-sculptures-trash-8 Gilles-Cenazandotti-animal-sculptures-trash-9 Gilles-Cenazandotti-animal-sculptures-trash-10 Gilles-Cenazandotti-animal-sculptures-trash-11

Photo credits: Gilles Cenazandotti | via: designtaxi