Artist Covered His Family Members With 20,000 Wooden Blocks

Levi Van Veluw, a Netherlands-based artist created an art installation called “Family / Origin of the Beginning” where 5 persons sitting at a table and an entire environment are covered with more than 20,000 wooden blocks. Much to our surprise, these 5 persons are nothing other than artist himself and his real family members.

The art installation portray a picture of perfect family unit in abstract environment. Awkward silence and constrained motions bring up  controversial feelings and create a feeling of uncertainty. Artist explains, “The awkward silence and dark colour suggest uncomfortable underlying tensions and emotions.”. Maybe Levi’s art installation was a way to show a rising perversion of family values in today’s culture and society?

Although, there’s a lot of room left for interpretation, the peculiarity and originality of this installation won’t leave you indifferent.