Artificial Waterfall for 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

The Swiss architecture office RAFAA has designed a tower which is to be built on an island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.  Reaching one-hundred and five meters into the sky, the waterfall collects solar energy during the day which will power Rio’s nearby olympic villiage. Surplus energy will be used to pump seawater to the waterfall, during the night generating power using in-built water turbines.

 The “Solar City Tower” is expected to be built on Cotunduba, one of the islands in Rio’s Guanabara Bay. The concept behind it is that the 2016 Games should be a starting point for a new global green movement. As a result, the design was not based on the creation of an iconic form but rather on content.

The tower will offer various ways to enjoy the view: in addition to a viewpoint at 105m above the sea, there will be a retractable platform for bungee jumping and an amphitheatre.


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