Amazing Infinity Pool on Marina Bay Sand Hotel in Singapore

If you have a fear of heights then this article is not for you. Today i‘m writing about world‘s most expensive hotel construction – Marina Bay Sand hotel in Singapore with an incredible infinity pool on its roof top.

The cost of the building – 8 billion $ shouldn‘t be shocking for you if have already seen the photographs of its inward interior of over 2,500 rooms and suits Marina Bay Sand is containing. Stunning architecture and design dwell right from inside of this giant. Containing 55 storeys, hotel is the biggest one around Singapore. The whole construction is based on 3 main buildings carrying a spectacular sky park on the top. The building also contains a shopping centre, few restaurants, conference hall, two theaters and a museum.

Of course the most exciting element of this beautiful piece of architecture is a pool located in terrace of the hotel along with green gardens hanging in the height of 200 meters. It is not only the biggest pool constructed at this enormous height, but it has a special feature. The skirt of swimming pool is not clearly noticeable and by this it creates an impression of no edge in the pool. This beautiful basin is about 150 meters long and is able to hold 376,500 gallons of water. One of the most beautiful skyscrapers I‘ve ever seen.