Amazing Camera vs. Pencil Artwork by Ben Heine

Ben Heine is a multidisciplinary artist for Belgium. This Talented artist combines coloured photographs with simple black and white pencil drawings. Lots of other artworks can be found in his official web page.

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arton322 arton152 Ben-Heine-Pencil-Vs-Camera-57-Art-Imagination-Vs-Reality-Drawing-Vs-Photography-2011 Ben-Heine-Pencil-Vs-Camera-The-Tram pencil_vs_camera___36_by_benheine-d304dhd 10___pencil_vs_camera_for_aoc_by_benheine-d3fp577 ben-heine-art-Pencil-Vs-Camera-42 BenHeine12 Ben-Heine-Art-Pencil-Vs-Camera-41 Ben Heine - Pencil Vs Camera 52 - Drawing vs Photography - Clouds - Moon - Freedom donkey-face-by-ben-heine 3___pencil_vs_camera_for_aoc_by_benheine-d3e0048 46 rabota_karandash_protiv_kamery_ot_ben_heine_915103 Pencil Vs Camera

Heine’s “Pencil vs Camera” artwork is so far his most widely published work. The idea of mixing drawing with photography came to him in 2010. Heine says it was the result of a long graphic exploration and a logic consequences of his artistic evolution. Artist’s works contain lots of surrealistic details. The beauty of Heine’s project is displayed in contrast between usual, colourful reality and amazing but not coloured drawing. The main idea is best described by author’s words:

“I just make art for people. I want them to dream and forget their daily troubles. I used to write poems many years ago, I want to convey a poetic meaning into my pictures, each new creation should tell a story and generate an intense emotion, like a poem, like a melody”.