Abstract Aerial Photos of Beaches by Bernhard Lang

Aerial photography is something I really enjoy watching. I just love to see how everything looks from a bigger perspective. Isn’t it cool to see how various big buildings and endless terrains turn into a detailed texture?

This is the third time I’m writing about Bernhard Lang and his outstanding aerial photographs.

For those who don’t read CAT IN WATER constantly, Bernhard Lang is a Germany-based photographer specialising in the aerial photography. He is very well known in Behance and has more than 3,800 followers there.

Recently I’ve discovered his latest series of aerial shots titled “Aerial views Adria”. The series consists of aerial photos portraying the beauty of seaside resorts at the adriatic coastline in Italy from the above. What I like the most in this series is how the photographer captures colorful array of thousands of umbrellas used by vacationers and transforms them into the abstract textures.