7 Most Incredible Sunken Forests on Earth

Sunken ships from deep past looks just creepy and exciting, but this time it‘s something more unusual –trees hidden in seaweed in the middle of water! Probably the only place where these plants shouldn‘t be.  It‘s 7 most incredible and breathtaking sunken forests from places over many different contents.

Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan

This 400-metre-long, in average of 20 metres depth lake one good expample of 4 seasons. Freezing cold and icy in winter but sparkling green, offering the most beautiful views in summer. Its most exciting part is dried-out trunks of submerged Schrenk’s Spruce trees that rise above the water’s surface from the bottom of cold waters of lake like the masts of mysterious sunken ships.

Lake Bezid, Romania

Bezid was artificially created forest, near the village of Bezid. Even a dam didn‘t save this place from floods  leaving an entire village and its woods under tons of water. The only thing we‘ve got left of it now is some old gnarled stumps and a roof of a church sticked out of water.

Periyar Lake, India

It‘s another lake with risen above the water trunks of dead trees. This cemetery of Periyar covers around of 55km2 area in the Indian state of Kerala. The history of the lake relates to the Mullaperiyan Dam, build in 1895 to provide a permanent source of water for the local wildlife. These trees sure look pretty amazing from the look of India.

Udawalawe Reservoir, Sri Lanka

Another forest burried under body of water because of Dam construction. This reservour is always fullfiled with water from other sources like rivers.  Udawalawe just smells death. It contains weather-bleached skeletons of thousands of jungle trees, killed off by the dammed water. However, there are still pretty much alive species of birds and fish.

Lake Volta, Ghana

Volta is artificially created lake in twentieh century. Completed in 1965, the Akosomba hydroelectric dam forced the relocation of 78,000 people from the surface around Lake Volta to new settlements, along with 200,000 of their animals, while some 120 buildings and countless small residences were destroyed.

Lake Caddo, Texas

Now this is something really worth attention. Looks quite boggy and mysterous from outside, but it sure is exciting when you look at details. These amazing cypress trees, located in the middle of the lake look pretty alive for me and they really are! These enormous beauties can live for 1000 years.  Cypress trees have an unusual structure feature which lets them stand in these swamps stabilized for all these centuries.

Kampong Pluk, Cambodia

The last our floating forest soaks in the jungle of Cambodia. These trees dwell deeply growed in the wildlife of Kampong Pluk. It‘s like a habitat for animals and even native humans who harvest shrimp.