4-Year-Old Boy Imitates Male Fashion Models

The first thing you might thought while watching the photos of this 4-year-old kid is, “oh again, rich people want to show off”. However, there is actually nothing like this. This adorable kid is Ryker and his parents are ordinary people working hard to provide a full-fledged life for their kids.

As it is said in their blog, titled “Mini Style Hacker”, this all started when a Ryker’s mother saw a few pictures of “fashion kids” on instagram. ” The first thing I noticed was a Gucci belt and Ferragamo shoes.  Although I thought the kids looked adorable, I knew that my kids would probably not be wearing those designers in the near future.”, says Ryker’s mother. However, after a while, she came up with an idea to make a series of photos where his little boy could “hack” the style of men in fashion and show other parent how they could do the same.

This is how the “Mini Style Hacker” started. The blog has received an unexpectedly high attention and, generally speaking, is hitting the internet. And this isn’t surprising. Ryker’s parents do a great job. The mimics of male fashion models are so well directed and, at the same time, so cute and adorable that it’s impossible not to admire them.

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