360-Degree Panoramic Video Captured Using 6 Cameras

Have you seen any 360-degree panoramic photo? If not, you should concern about it, because this great technique, converting any landscape or just everything surrounding us into a little planet, is a huge trend in photography. However, instead of talking about these photos, I’m going to present you an improved version of this technique – a video.

Inspired by “panorama planets”, German-based photographer Jonas Ginter decided to step it up and make a long dreamed 36o-degree panoramic video. However, it wasn’t all that easy. Dedicated a lot of time experimenting and trying out different things, he came to a realization that the only way he could make his 360° video is to capture all the angles at once using several cameras. After all, Jonas Ginter used a 3D printer to make his own designed mount supporting 6 GoPro cameras what would work together simultaneously and create the 360-degree effect.

The result is more than outstanding. Filming himself on a bike or in a car, Jonas Ginter made him look like as he was travelling in his own little and surreal planet. What can I say, I’m already started searching 6 friends who could lend me at least one GoPro camera!