25 Uniquely Tattooed J&B Whiskey Bottles

Overseen by French studio “Button Button”, Sébastien mathieu, owner of le sphinx (private tattoo room in Paris) made 25 real tattoos on J&B limited edition whiskey bottles. Every bottle was tattooed individually, as a result, each bottle took around 20 hours to complete.

First of all, all bottles were fully covered  with a latex skin of human skin colour, like the one used to practice tattoo, slim enough to respect bottle shape and strong enough to be hit many times my tattooer’s needles. The decision to use skins with a human skin colour was based on willingness to strengthen the tattoo perception and create something intriguing.

J&B Rare scotch blend whisky was born in London second part of XIXth century from famous wine and spirits merchants Justerini & Brooks. It is exactly the same period when tattoo started to spread through London. As a celebration of this origin J&B together with French studio “Button Button” decided to implement this creative project and release 25 real tattooed bottles.

All credits of the photographs belong to “Button Button” studio.