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Amphibians And Reptiles

Eastern Snapping Turtle


The WooFDriver was out on the farm taking the WooFPAK on a Free Ranging run when they happened around an Eastern Snapping Turtle(Chelydra serpentina) by the pond! They can be found in any permanent body of fresh water and are more often found in bodies of water with soft, muddy bottoms where they can bury their eggs.

Virginia Herpetological Society Website to learn more about this turtle

Here are photos the WooFDriver has taken of a couple different Snapping Turtles!
Eastern Snapping Turtle

Here are videos of Eastern Snapping Turtles that the WooFDriver captured on a mushing adventures!



A very COOL Newt we got to check out on a WooFDriver Tour of Upper Buck Ridge Road in Pennsylvania on 5.07.2015!! Simply Beautiful!!

Garter Snake


On April 10, 2014 the WooFPAK went for a Free Ranging adventure in the woods and through the stream where the WooFDriver found this Garter Snake(Thamnophis) on the trail. Garter Snakes are closely related to water snakes, with some species moving back and forth between genera. This is a harmless snake that populate a variety of habitats including woodlands, fields and lawns. But they also stay close to some form of water like a wetland, stream, or pond.

Wikipedia’s Webpage to learn more about the Garter Snake

Leopard Frog


This little guy we happened to see on June 25, 2014 while out Free Ranging the WooFPAK. I believe he is a variety of Leopard Frog due to his markings. We really do have to keep an eye out for them while riding the trails after and during rain.

Wikipedia’s Leopard Frog Webpage to learn more

Tree Frog



Cool Tree Frog!! I was surprised to see this guy I thought we were too far north but apparently they are found as far north as Maryland.  We spotted him in The Shenandoah at our cabin with The WooFPAK. This picture is from the summer of 2005. read more about this Tree Frog at:

Black Rat Snake


This is Black Rat Snake. I was surprised to find him in the tree. I usually see these snakes on the ground. We saw spotted this guy in The Shenandoah region. I photographed this in the early Fall of 2005. Read more about this Snake at:

Enjoy video footage and the photo album below of Black Rat Snakes found on WooFDriving adventures!

Black Rat Snake

Box Turtle


These colorful Box Turtles the WooFDriver got to see while the WooFPAK were Free Ranging on a couple different occasions. Do you know the average box turtle’s life expectancy is 50 years? Many live over 100 years!!

Read about these Turtles here:

Enjoy these pictures of Box Turtles!
Box Turtles

Painted Turtles


These are Painted Turtles which we saw on A WooFDriver Tour Adventure at The C&O Canal Towpath in Maryland. This was on March 14, 2012. Read about these Turtles here:

Enjoy this photo album of Painted Turtles captured on several Mushing Tours!
Painted Turtles

Red Newt


This is a Red Newt that we spotted in the Shenandoah National Park along Skyline Drive on a Dog Powered Hike (commonly referred to as CaniCrossing). This was on July 21, 2012. Read about this Newt here:

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